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07 March 2022

Nusantaride Day 2022

Since 2010, Nusantaride has been familiar to the ears and virtual world of motorbike Riders. Not only through Facebook groups, this forum for motorcyclists holds an annual agenda, namely Nusantaride Day (ND). This year it held on March 5-6 on Pagilaran, Central Java.

This year's theme is Central Java Cultural. This year it was agreed by the forums that the event will be held at the Pagilaran Agro Tourism area, Blado District, Batang Regency. With a stretch of tea plantation charm at an altitude of 1,000-1,500 meters above sea level. It's not enough to just present the natural scenery, with the theme of the Central Java Cultural, the ND 2022 committee also introduced the Pagilaran Tea Picking Dance, even all participants were introduced to the typical Pagilaran tea taste.

Givi Indonesia as one of the main sponsors, appointed four people to participate in the ND 2022 event by opening a sales booth and product consultation. At the peak of the event, without wasting the 30 minutes given by the committee, Givi Indonesia provided information about products, as well as tips & tricks. In the morning, the event continued with games and door prizes that had been prepared by the ND 2022 committee, and did not forget that some product prizes from GIVI were eagerly awaited and became idols for the participants.