Mission & Vision


Our mission, in short, is carried forward by our commitment to developing, producing and distributing products of high quality and being able to design solutions for the motorcycle and the motorcyclist. This achievement is only possible thanks to teamwork based on a foundation of responsible product research. Through our finest technology, we would like to offer safety, convenience and excitement to all those who love their motorcycle and who, just like ourselves, find motorcycling is a lifestyle and not just a mode of transportation. Day after day, our guiding values are those of a systemic research culture and a dedication to achieving excellence. Often, we are mentioned as a leading worldwide company, but in reality, our main goal is to improve the quality of motorcycling. This simple, profound passion guides us in everything we do.


Currently, characterised by constant innovation, even the motorcyclist’s way of life is subject to rapid and constant evolution. Today, simply travelling from A to B by motorcycle has new meaning. On occasion, riding a motorcycle propels us forward towards an extremely evolved future. On other occasions, we search for new forms of nostalgia. The motorcycle, in all its forms, enables us to move freely throughout all levels of emotion, and knowing how to harness this requires a motorcycling culture. Irrespective of the location of an individual, the social group or the language spoken, the passion for two wheels brings motorcyclists together to share simple, true values that create complicity amongst fellow riders, and nowadays, it is this that represents the company’s ethos, a vision that has gradually evolved over the years. By regularly introducing new brand lines, we can proudly affirm that the passion, ability to innovate and our commitment to offering the best quality products represent the true values on which the company was founded. For GIVI, the most gratifying result is to have our products named as the best travelling companions for two wheel journeys and it is the trust of the motorcyclist that means more to us than anything.