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24 August 2021

Givi Indonesia Website Reborn

Along with the company's development and the growth of the two-wheeler and accessories market in Indonesia, there is also a growing demand from our consumers - both for partnerships and direct users - for the presence of an official portal that can provide comprehensive information about the Givi Brand in Indonesia.

So that PT. Givi Indonesia as the principal of Givi in ​​Indonesia brings back our official website, namely which we orientate as the official portal for our consumers in Indonesia. We hope this online portal can be an information center for those of you who want to know the range of products and services we provide. Also for those of you who want to collaborate with us, this portal can be an important bridge for our mutual success in the future.

This website is also intended as a complement to our communication program, so that later consumers can find out the latest and detailed news about products and services from Givi Indonesia. So that later we hope you all can enjoy our services thoroughly and maximally.

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