Berita dari Dunia Givi

23 August 2021

Givi Indonesia & Givi Lovers Nusantara Mini Touring


GIVI LOVERS NUSANTARA collaborated with GIVI INDONESIA to do a short distance tour from Jakarta to Purwakarta for approximately 150 km to the main spot in Jatiluhur Reservoir. For GLN, this activity is the first touring activity since 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This activity was attended by 8 administrators of GIVI Lovers Nusantara and 2 people from GIVI Indonesia, as well as 2 invitees, namely Steven Dharma and Wife.

Starting from the Shell Pancoran Gas Station, South Jakarta at 07.00 am, passing the Bekasi and Karawang routes, arriving at Purwakarta city at 12.00 noon, the participants took a lunch break at Sate Maranggi, the journey continued to the main spot in Jatiluhur Reservoir, precisely in the Campground area. Parang Gombong to take a break and do a photo session together. The participants continued their journey home in the afternoon and ended with the distribution of souvenirs from Givi Indonesia.

This activity is a turning point for Givi Lovers Nusantara to be active again in activities that have not been carried out so far, so there will be many other activities that will collaborate with GIVI Indonesia in the future.